Sunday, September 16, 2007

Breaking News -- StarDust Press Closing

Public announcement letter: permission granted to post

Dear authors and editors,

After much discussion and negotiation and evaluation, it is with regret that we announce StarDust Press is closing effective September 30, 2007. We are saddened that despite all our efforts, SDP is bleeding, and the investors have decided to cut their losses.

We know that you would all be concerned with this development, so we address all your concerns one by one below.

1. Authors and editors would be paid the royalties/editorial fees due them.

2. All books would be taken off the website and Fictionwise by September 30, 2007.

3. From September 30, 2007 onwards, all rights to the published books revert back to the author, and as such, you can submit them to other publication houses for publication.

4. For unpublished books, you may send to other publication houses as early as now.

5. For authors whose books are currently under edits, we would send you a personal email on the matter.

SDP was established to do legitimate business, however the environment wasn't conducive to its survival. And so, we have no choice but to take this step.

Thank you for all your support and we wish for the best for you all in your endeavors.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reply to this email. Your question may also be the question of the others.


For StarDust Press management

Looks like I'll be looking for a new home for The Werewolf Whisperer...


Anonymous said...

Rather sucks, doesn't it. At any rate, I enjoyed working with you on it and I don't think you'll have a problem finding a new home for The Werewolf Whisperer. It's an awesome story!

Lenora Bell said...

I'm sorry to hear that. But the excerpt from WW was great--I'm sure it will find a new home fast.

Alice Audrey said...

Is it still possible to slip in and snag a copy?

Moondancer said...

I'm sorry to hear that. I heard second hand about it too. Seems Bloodstained Innocence will need to find a new home too. One more thing to do on an already full plate. I know Dark Eden and Eternal Press are looking if that helps. Good luck.

Once you find Werewolf Whisperer a new home I'd be glad to spotlight it on my blog.

Ericka Scott said...

Stardust's doors are open until 30 there's still time to whip in and snag a copy!

Ericka Scott said...

Thanks Moondancer for the tip about Eternal Press...are they a new publisher? I don't have them on my list so I'll have to go take a look...

Alice Audrey said...

Will you get paid?

Ericka Scott said...

Alice -- according to their statement they plan to continue quarterly payments (Sept 07) and then January 08. They seem to be leaving the business with grace, so I will trust that they'll do right by the authors.

Tempest Knight said...

Well, sadly that's the nature of epublishers. Hardly lasting long. At least you have CP to get your stories published. :)

Shelli Stevens said...

Ouch! I'm so sorry. That's so scary to see another epub going down.

I know you'll find another home!

Moondancer said...

Yeah, they are new, so you may want to do some shopping around. I just remember seeing them mention looking for new submissions.

I'm thinking about Samhain. I love their work and they have great marketing stradigies. Have a peek at preditors and editors and see what looks good there. They are a great place to get the heads up on publishers.

Where ever you go, I wish you all the luck.

Debra Moore said...

Oh girl...I'm so sorry to hear that. A good book will always find another home, though, so I know you'll bounce back!!

Gillian said...

Ye gads!

I'm so sorry, but you're right, they seem to be trying to close in the best way possible.

Best of luck with a new "home"--I'm sure you'll find one (or more!) quickly.