Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cover Art Christmas

I simply love getting new cover art for books. It's thrilling to see that "package" sitting in your inbox. I hold my breath and click.

All I can say is wow...this cover, designed by Renee Rocco, captured the tone of my little dark tale of suspense perfectly!

Shattered is due to be released from Lyrical Press on 3 August 2009.

Oh, and I'm blogging today at about Genre Bending and my donation to the Brenda Novak Diabetes Auction. Stop by and say "hi!"

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sickness Strikes

Yep...early on Tuesday morning, we had the first inkling that things were on a downhill slide in our house. Kids who normally popped out of bed for school were moaning and saying they didn't feel well. We did what normal parents do...we sent them to school anyway.

It's now Friday and everyone but Mr. Scott and our eldest boy have succumbed. I spent the night on the sectional last night sitting in the recliner feeling as if I were onboard the Titanic...and if the roiling in my tummy didn't stop, I wanted the boat to sink. NOW. Sigh.

I'm feeling a bit better (hence my post)...but I'm also reflecting on a conversation my hubby and I had recently. We're fast approaching summer and I'm dreading having all the kids home, every day, day in-day out...yeah, you get the picture. Mr. Scott blithely volunteers to let me go back to work and he'll stay home with the kids.

Not a chance. Now, I love my husband dearly...he's definitely the man of my dreams. However, he has his faults: Dirty laundry seldom makes it to the hamper, and wrappers litter the cabinets when he's snacking. And with everyone ill today, he wasn't keeping a good enough eye on the not-sick child who entertained himself by endeavoring to open a warm can of soda all by himself. It's now all over the floor ...and don't kid yourself, the floor will be sticky until I feel well enough to clean it up.

No, I'm not going back to work just to come home and work some more cleaning house of the mess he and the kids would create. Not a chance...especially with August 10th (first day of school for ALL my kids) lurking right around the corner...So, just keep dreaming Mr. Scott.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Something Unleashed is in the Keep

Come on over and check out what the buzz is about at Keta's Keep.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I love a Sale!

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, Phaze is offering a 15% discount on all their print and e-books. So, if you've been waiting to pick up your copy of The Werewolf Whisperer, Unleashed, or Out of Time, wait no longer!

Use KINKODEMAYO as the coupon code when checking out.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

All Writers - All Weekend draws to a close

The conference is over and I must say that I'm thrilled that I was able to attend. I met so many lovely ladies this weekend, both published and unpublished, and learned so much that my head seems "full".

Candice Hern presented a wonderful talk on Point of View with great examples for using deep third person.

Karin Tabke gave a talk on's just business, don't take it personally, which put the whole submission process (to both agents and editors) into perspective. If you query an agent and they don't get back to you..."they're just not that into you". Get over it and go on. If you love the agent, keep submitting to them. If they're interested, they'll call!

Barbara Freethy told us how to take our book from good to great. She also gave out an ARC for her upcoming book (I didn't win, but I know I'll be buying it in June). The title is Suddenly One Summer. Cannot wait to read it!

Eric Maisel gave an invigorating presentation on Beating the Writing Blues.

Then came the book signing...yes, my staggering to be read pile is now substantially bigger. I picked up some favorites and a couple of new writers. But I missed a familiar name...Cat Grant. Her books were there, but if she was, I missed her. :-(

Then came the dreaded pitch session. Sadly, I pitched a category length story to Laurie McLean -- who doesn't do category romance. Howevever, she graciously gave me some wonderful advice for my career (keep writing, don't give up the day job, and feel free to send her a partial if I have something single-title length). She also mentioned that paranormal, although flying off the shelves, is a hard sell right now. Agent and publisher stables are full (why do they refer to us as horses? Catherine Coulter wonders) I was also able to touch base with Laura Bradford, who has a partial of Crisscross on her desk as I type. She does accept that length and I was glad to be able to put a face with a name on the manuscript. Scott Eagan of Greyhaus Literary was also here. Last year, I bought a critique from Scott at Brenda Novak's auction (which is currently running, hop on over there, as he and others have donated more critiques). I was able to thank him in person for his insight on the manuscript.

Catherine Coulter spoke of the state of the industry at dinner. It's tough times out there. HQN may be doing well, but it's simply because they have no slack to cut. Everyone else is seeing cutbacks and the best advice for writers -- write the best book you can, polish it up, and if it's rejected, keep writer. Preserverance is the key to success.

After dinner, a panel of published authors told us all things they wished they'd known before they signed the takeaway message, shoot for the top, don't settle, and write the best book you can. It's really the only thing you can control in the process. And again, preserverance is the key to weathering the recession. If you persist, you will succeed.

The really great thing is that I came back up to the room and opened my e-mail to find a request for a full manuscript of Crisscross from a small publisher that I had queried.

Oh, and Cindy Jacks, one of my CPs, is a finalist in the Knight Agency's Book in a Nutshell contest! Go Cindy!!

Update from All Writers - All Weekend

I'm here at my first writers conference. Its All Writers - All Weekend hosted by the Silicon Valley RWA. Last night was the agent panel. Scott Eagan, Laurie McLean, and Laura Bradform presented what's hot (and what's not) and took questions. They also judged a first line contest. The best part of their presentation was a bit of news. Despite the recession, Romance is SELLING...big time. So, if you have a finished manuscript, get it polished up and is the time!

Afterwards, we broke up into a no-host dinner. I went to a Malaysian restaurant (The Banana Leaf) with a small group of writers. What a blast. To sit and steep in conversation all about writing, the business, the was inspiring.

Today, we have speakers, a book signing, and I'm pitching to one of the agents. It'll be my first ptich session and I'm doing it off the cuff, so wish me luck!

Oh, on another note, I bought my first audio book for the drive up here (5 hours). Wow...I don't often get to listen to anything I like in the car, but audiobooks are wonderful. Time just flew by...too bad I only had time to upload part 1 to my I'll only have 2 hours left of the book for the drive home. Sigh.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day!

It looks like spring has finally sprung here in the high desert of California. It's warm and sunny...a great day for driving. At least for me.

I'm setting off for the All Writers All Weekend conference hosted by the Silicon Valley RWA. It's my first writer's conference, as I missed Nationals last summer due to my daughter's surgery.

I'm mega excited and looking forward to meeting some of my favorite authors (Barbara Freethy and Karin Tabke).

So, have a great weekend and happy May Day!