Monday, June 30, 2008

Well...we have an update....sort of

After all the hoopla of waiting for my daughter's appointment with yet another neurosurgeon, we still don't have any concrete answers. Since this was only a "consult", I'm not sure I expected any. But I could always hope.

The next step is the angiogram to determine the specific treatment option for my daughter's bubble in her brain. Of course, we now have to "wait" (I really hate that word) for the insurance authorization for the procedure before we can proceed.

According to the doctor, we're looking at three possible scenerios, a coil, a clip, or a bypass. I'm praying for the first, would settle for the second, and don't want the third -- but we'll take it if that's the only option.

So, to take my mind off my troubles (kind of like hitting your finger with a hammer to take your mind off a stubbed toe) -- I sent out a handful of agent queries at the end of last week. The rejections have been coming in fast and furious.


skirbo said...

Just remember that you can appeal insurance decisions. You have to do it quickly but you can certainly do it and your doctor should help if he wants to do a certain procedure and will have to 'settle' for another due solely to costs.

So if you don't get the answer that you and the doctor want, appeal the decision.

Hang in there,


Gillian Layne said...

Yikes! Sending many good thoughts your way, for you and yours.

Maggie Robinson said...

I haven't visited in forever (have tried to swear off blogging---like giving up breathing, very hard to do. But I hope all goes wonderfully well no matter the procedure. There is absolutely nothing worse than a sick kid. XXOO