Saturday, February 2, 2008

Valentines Treasure Hunt

Cupid's Kisses Valentines Competition
This is Total-e-Bound's Valentines treasure hunt!

We've got some great prizes and a really fun competition for you, so get ready for some entertainment!!

The treasure hunt starts on Friday 1st February and it will run until Wednesday 13th February.

All winners will be announced on Valentines Day!

The Prizes:

All four Cupid's Kisses stories from the Valentines collection

$10 vouchers from Ericka Scott

$10 Starbucks vouchers from Brynn Paulin

Picture Frame & 2 small decorated towels from Bobbie Russell

And a Bath gift set from Lexie Davis!

How to enter:

Go to the Total E-bound website and sign up for their newsletter, follow the instructions, and above all -- have fun!

Good Luck!


Alice Audrey said...

This looks like fun, but where are the rules? When I click the link all I get is new releases.

Ericka Scott said...

I'll fix the link so it's more have to join the newsletter to recieve the official rules.