Monday, March 15, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Got up this morning to pandemonium. Drama Teen got herself up, hurraye, hurraye. Kinderboy #2 awoke complaining of a sore throat. A glance at his tonsils determined that he needed another trip to the Dr. Unfortunately, having just come off antibiotics, they weren't willing to dish out any more to him. So, grape chloroseptic for kids it is. He was home all day (can you hear the despair in my typing?).

I'm bright-eyed...unfortunately, my eyes are bright PINK. Yep. So, I, too, went to the doctor to get eye drops. No sign of improvement yet...hopefully by morning (fingers crossed).

The case of the gift has gotten more complex, convoluted, and confusing. I figure my daughter will be lucky if ANYTHING arrives for her. Supposedly Ex- canceled the gift to be delivered today, then, told me that UPS called for an does that mean it's back on??? And the replacement gift that he purchased (because the first one was canceled) was supposed to just be a gift card (to arrive in the mail), but he supposedly canceled that as well and bought her a Jr. Drum Set (we suspect the first gift is a Jr. Drum Set as well). The problem...Drama Teen is 16 years old and the Jr. Drum Sets are geared toward children 10 and under. Hmmmm.... even if the gifts do get here (I'm not holding my breath), they won't be age appropriate. Thankfully, she's taken this in stride and doesn't seem too bothered one way or the other).

Drama Teen has a good heart...she was concerned for the Ex- and his wife that they were spending money they didn't have. So she convinced Mr. Wonderful to give the caged cobra (Ex-'s wife) a call to make sure she was cognizant of all the $ being spent on gifts, as from her experience, there was often a lack of communication that resulted in fighting over expenditures. For the heads up, Mr. Wonderful got an earful of spite and was told to mind his own business. Luckily, he, too, took all of that in stride.

The best part of the's all MY fault. I'm just amazed that without any effort at all on my part, I can screw up things 2000 miles away. Am I good or am I GOOD?


Ms Snarky Pants said...

Gosh, sounds like your situation is hard! It was so sweet of your daughter to worry about whether or not he was spending money he shouldn't have been and particularly nasty of them for being rude when she asked Mr. Wonderful to call to be sure. Hope you are all feeling better soon!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

That is some kind of amazing power you have there, to so completely devastate things from so far away. Maybe you should use your powers for good and buy me some lottery tickets!