Saturday, March 29, 2008

Have you ever wanted to be a villainess?

Do you admire Cruella DeVille?
Does the evil stepmother in Cinderella make you want to pull out a mop and bucket for your own kids?
How about Ursula, the Sea Witch. Doesn't she just want to make you clap your tentacles?

Disney seems to have the corner on evil villainesses. But darn it, I want a piece of the action -- and here's your chance to help me.

I am currently in the throes of writing the sequel to Postcards from the Dead...(it's title will be Phone Calls from the Dead and it's even spookier than Postcards!) I need to name the villainess -- this woman works at an airline as a reservation clerk...but she's luring people to their deaths unless Rosalie Hopkins and Tavon Williams can stop her and her evil cohort, Manuel (Manny) Tsangas.

So, help me out here...give me a name (your or someone you, ahem, love) that will make a reader's blood run cold! The winner guessed my villainess AND be named in the books dedication.

Just post your answers here....I'll collect names until the end of the month and then announce the winner!



Tracy said...

Wow this is so much more difficult that it seems at first! lol

I don't know that any of these would make your blood run cold however I'll give it the old college try:


Just a few...and if she written evil enough her name could be Heather and we'd still hate her! lol
Good luck to you!

Tessa Dare said...

Ooh, I love naming! Especially when it's not my own characters, lol. She sounds like a great character, btw.

How about something deceptively innocent? Like Angelica or Bianca?