Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mojave Moon

Plodding away on my first time travel novella. TJ Killian invited me to write this story a few months ago. It will be part of THE VEIL series at Dark Eden Press.

Some say there are portals on this earth.
Strange places where the veil is thin between today and all the yesterdays in history.

Be forewarned, they open at any moment, the gossamer thin barrier shattered asunder.

Once you are through, there is no coming back.

Can you survive a step through The Veil?

Mojave Moon is a story from my heart...the original concept was written down in one of my notebooks in 1997! I'm intimately familiar with the place I'm writing about (I live less than 10 miles away). I originally wanted to use real people for this story, but decided THEIR stories were so much bigger than life that they'd overpower my little tale. So, although if you are looking closely enough, you can easily recognize some of the people, all the names have been changed to protect the guilty. ;-)

My heroine is on the search for her past...she never expected to fall right into it! But there she is...and, oh, the lies she's going to have to tell when it becomes obvious she isn't who everyone thinks she is! And mixed into the all the romance is my typical touch of paranormal -- and wouldn't you know it -- there's a killer on the loose too!

I grew up an Air Force brat, my dad was actually in the Army Air Corp before it became the US Air Force. As a result of us moving so often when I was a child, I was determined never to fall in love with anyone in the service.
But as I'm writing Mojave Moon, I'm finding myself falling in love with my hero, Jake Sands, an officer in the US Army Air Corps in 1943. Hopefully my readers will love him too!


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Ericka! This story of yours sound excellent. Can't wait to read it. ;)

Karen Erickson said...

I think this sounds great! :)

Tina said...

love the name of the story and it sounds very interesting

Gillian Layne said...

Wow- I'll echo Karen, this sounds great!

Shelli Stevens said...

Sounds fabulous, Ericka! I love the concept :)

Maggie Robinson said...

From the title to the storyline, you've got a winner. :)

Ericka Scott said...

Thanks all...this is a fun story to write. At the time I conceived of it (1997)...WWII-era time travels were out with traditional publishers. Luckily, with the e-book explosion, I've finally found a home for it.