Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy Harry Potter Day! (or the sacrifices we make for our kids)

Well, for all of you who picked up your copy of the last and final Harry Potter book, I say "happy reading".

I'm jealous.

I stood in line for hours last night (but I was smart and took my Alphasmart and worked on my WIP sitting on the sidewalk outside the bookstore) and purchased a copy.
It was oh-so-tempting to stay up all night and read it. But, I didn't.

Why? Well, because I had a 2-hour drive to get my daughter to the airport this morning. She had an 11:30 plane to catch to Florida to visit her bio dad for 3 weeks.
The kicker is...she took the book with her!!!

My daughter had better know how much I love her. Wah!


Cole said...

LOL!!!! That is love! We decided to wait a day or two so we could avoid the longs lines to get it. Hopefully Monday when the hubby goes back to town for work he'll be able to pick it up.


Alice Audrey said...

That is so unfair! How long until you get it... um... I mean until your daughter gets back?

Ericka Scott said...

Three whole stinking lousy weeks!!!


Now, my hubby who is so understanding and loving and kind offerred to let me buy my own copy at Costco today. But, I'm on a tight book budget and unbeknownst to him, I've already blown it for this month.

So....I just thanked him and said, no, I'll just wait.


Alice Audrey said...

That's where I am, on a tight book budget. I'm trying to sweet talk my mother into getting a copy.

Shelli Stevens said...

She took the book?! Nooo. I would have charged her to rent it, lol. Juuuust kiddin'.

Samantha Lucas said...

OMG Ericka, that's too funny!

In a very sad way of course. :)

Samantha Lucas said...


Don't groan, it's different! Go check it out. ;-)

Suzanne said...

So you have to wait three weeks? Bummer!

Karen Erickson said...

Aw sorry about the wait. I have to admit, I've never read Harry Potter! My oldest has the first four - maybe whenever I get time (Ha!) I'll go read them...