Thursday, March 22, 2007

13 Ghost Story Books in Ericka's Collection

I write paranormal romantic suspense, so I have an avid interest in the paranormal (okay, a little tooooo avid sometimes, like making my husband drive us to the haunted Brookdale Lodge while we were in Santa Cruz for a friend's wedding) -- but that's a whole 'nother story.

  • Here's 13 titles from my personal library:

    1. True Ghost Stories by H Holzer (currently reading)
    2. The Haunted Queen Mary by R & A Wlordarski -- and yes, I dragged my entire family (babies and all) on the ghost tour.
    3. 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey by K Windham and M Figh
    4. The Haunting of America by T Taylor
    5. Ghosts of the Haunted Coast by R Senate
    6. In the Realm of Ghosts and Hauntings by E Floyd
    7. Haunted Catalina by R & A Wlordarski
    8. I Never Believed In Ghosts Until. . . by the editors of USA Weekend
    9. Things That Go Bump in the Night by B Steiger
    10. Haunted Houses of California by A May
    11. Coast to Coast Ghosts by L Rule (Daughter of Ann Rule)
    12. Ghost Stories of California by B Smith

    And although it's not really about ghosts, it's one of my favorites

    13. Strange But True -- Mysterious and Bizarre People by T Slemen

  • And I have even more ghost story books. . . scary huh?


    Huar said...

    Hmm, ghosts. Ms. Bell's sister and her friend lived in the house I grew up in for a year, and they say there's a ghost there, but I never noticed it--I'm just too prosaic a character, I guess.

    T.J. Killian said...

    Not so strange to me. I have on my reference shelf:

    Haunted Inns of Great Britain and Ireland.

    Haunted Places - both national and international directories.

    A Ghost Hunters Guide

    And all the Haunted Gettysburg books.

    I've taken, with family in tow, to many of the Ghost Walks around Suburban Maryland and Pennsylvania, and even spent the night in a graveyard. Not by myself though - lol. I take it only so far.


    Y said...

    That's a very cool list Ericka! I'm going to give this Thursday thingy a go from next week onwards, it looks like fun. :)